About new single, "One More Night..."


"Chris fuses the best elements of country music with the catchiest pop music elements thus creating a hell of  a track that will stick to your brain." 

- CaesarLivenLoud




"I was blown away by Chris's talents, and he has such an easy going way about him that it allows anyone, even those who don't listen to country music regularly, to fall in love immediately."



"With a voice that is reminiscent to Patrick Monahan from Train, Ruediger can easily have a long, successful career ahead of him."

- Indie Minded


"The dude is 19 years old but has a veteran, calm, confidence stage presence and a voice that has that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you sit up and say “Duuude!”(or maybe “wow” if you’re not a “dude”-sayer). This young man has talent to spare and a humble but confident attitude that will take him far."

- Geoff Wilbur